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 the ORIGINAL collection of do-it-yourself designer flames. The EZ Flames collections contain hundreds of images ready for you to FLAME your favorite car, truck, cycle, hot rod, bike, RC or mailbox. EZ Flames, designed by Rick Hedrick, range from the contemporary and mild to tribal and totally wild. No need to be a professional with the handy 'How-To Guide' that's included.

These one of a kind collections make the casual enthusiast into a seasoned professional and the professional into an expert flame painter! Easily sized and adjusted to fit cars, trucks, bikes and any thing else you see. You will become so good at painting stripes your neighbors dog will even have flames (not responsible for excessive buckshot from dog's owner).

The EZ Flames collections are high quality fully editable and scalable digital EPS, AI, CDR, BMP and DXF image files which are all postscript, imagesetter, printer and plotter ready. Compatible with all major design, graphic, sign making, desktop, embroidery and engraving software. Fully vectored line art, black & white EPS, AI, CDR, BMP and DXF images in Adobe® Illustrator EPS format. Images can be scaled from business card to billboard size without any loss in resolution or distortion. NO single line strokes, excessive control points, compound paths or ink traps... Truly 100% sign cutter and embroidery friendly. All compatible with both Macintosh and Windows formats.

Download the EZ Flames Brochure
(.PDF format

EZ Flames Series 2
CD with 240 Flames
includes Handy "How-To" Guide and Online Viewer
EZ Flames Series 3
CD with 240 Flames
includes Handy "How-To" Guide and Online Viewer

See below for more detailed information on EZ Flames Series...

All EZ Flames images are ready to use, black and white EPS, AI, CDR, BMP and DXF files. Professionally designed for you to modify, print/plot, layout and paint! Ideal for cars, trucks, bikes, boards, t-shirts, brochures, logos anywhere a flame is needed!

Postscript, Imagesetter, Plotter and Printer  Ready

Works with most popular graphic, desktop and plotter software.
EPS, AI, CDR, BMP and DXF black & white images in Adobe® Illustrator. NO single line strokes, excessive control points, compound paths or ink traps. FREE lifetime online / phone technical support



All flames are designed for cars, trucks, bikes, boats and logos.

The level of complexity of each individual image are:

BASIC - Simple and large images great for starting out.

INTERMEDIATE - A bit more difficult with smaller flame tips and multiple repeats.

ADVANCED - Best for the seasoned flame painter. Crossed flame tips require layering expertise.

PROFESSIONAL - These are the most complex images and require a great deal of skill. Crossed flames and crossed flame tips require layering expertise. For professional skill level only!


Four different styles of flames - from mild to wild.

Styles include 'stand-alone' flames not requiring an 'edge', simple designs where size and/or space may be limited and complex images that offer a more contemporary look.

Style A - Flames ideal for a frame or outside accent such as gauges and fuel caps.

Style B - Stand-alone flames designed for projects without an 'edge'

Style C - Simple flame designs for hood, side panels, tanks and the like. These designs require an 'edge'.

Style D - Complex flame designs for hood, side panels, tanks and the like. These designs require an 'edge'.


Great for borders, edges anywhere flames seem to go on and on...mailboxes, trashcans rocker panels. A 'continuous' flame can be placed end to end to create an endless length of flames.


Mirror image flames for hoods, tanks and logos. Copy, paste and flip to create a 'mirror' image flame. Ideal where the balance of the right and left images need to be the same.


Component parts great for accents to your own flame design or by themselves. Join together to create designs unlike any other.

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Ghost Flame Test Disk done with EZ Flames
HoK Kameleon Kolors over a Cinnamon base


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