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Molten Lava Look

This kit is ideal for if you're just getting into custom painting and want to make some very fast progress without learning any airbrush tricks or learning  fancy spray gun techniques. It's great to practice your skills as our kits products are very forgiving and really... it's almost hard to screw it up! If you're an old pro you can certainly add something new and super cool to your arsenal by learning the tips and techniques included in our kit. It contains almost everything you'll need to paint this realistic 3D look of Glowing Molten Lava that literally ever changes right before your eyes... all with very little effort! Choose The COLORS ONLY Kit if you already have a solid primered base and clearcoats or you can also get the full COMPLETE KIT if you want to start fresh and have it all. It includes all the paints you'll need including primer, basecoats, candies, fuel resistant clearcoats and even essentials like stir sticks, gloves and mixing cups! Great for a set of bike tins, a PC case or even the hood on a car. How cool would a set of flames or scallops be with this Molten Lava as the base? Our Molten Lava kit is one of our specialties that will make your next project a real eye popper!

Now you can have a fantastic kustom paint job
...and the best part is you really can do this yourself!

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DIY Kit contains the following items:

1 Special Lava base 4oz ea
3 Candy Concentrates 1oz ea
- PLUS -

Black Base Color
Intercoat Clear (12oz)
Reducer (16oz)

 Molten Lava
Colors Only Kit
(You Supply Everything Else Needed
or see Our Complete Kit below)

All For Only $199.95
Now Only $149.95 



The Complete
Molten Lava Kit

Molten Lava Look too

Includes Color Kit Above Plus:


20oz Primer Kit

Part A Black Epoxy (8 oz)
Part B Black Epoxy (8 oz)
Epoxy Reducer (4 oz)

 32oz Clear Kit

High Build Clear (8 oz)
Sun Bloct
Flow Clear (8 oz)
Catalyst (8 oz)
Reducer (8 oz)

Fully Detailed
Instruction Guide

The Complete
Molten Lava Kit

All For Only $329.95
Now Just $249.95 


This Kit is perfect for doing a complete set of fenders and gas tank on a bike or for jazzing up a PC case or even a car hood. It also includes important items like 10 lint-free strainers, 5 mixing cups and stir sticks, 1 tack rag, 1 pair of Nitrile gloves and of course, Xotic Colours manual that has step-by-step instructions for all their fantastic products (these items may vary depending on availability).
If you could find and purchase all the items in this kit individually and at full quantities (IE quarts, pints, packs, etc.) you could very easily spend three or four times that amount! Not to mention having one heck of a lot of leftovers!

Now you can have all the right amounts at just the right price too!!!

Of course you'll have to have your own spray gun,
air supply, etc. and as always...

Use the appropriate safety equipment!!!

Be sure to follow all the manufacturers recommendations
as well as any local requirements for your specific area.



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