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Here You'll Find...
 Some Of The Handiest Pinstriper Supplies

Hand Cleaner
For The Toughest Paints

This large tube of Hand Cleaner contains a special granulated, synthetic cleansing compound. It's been specifically developed for quick removal of tough 2 component paints, acrylics and even new waterborne paints.

Works When ALL Those Others Just Won't!
Handy Large 250ml Tube
Was $9.95
 Now Just $5.95  

New High Tech
Microfiber Sponges

Microfiber sponges are one the most popular new items we have. These microfiber sponges are great for everything from doing dishes, washing your car, boat or bike to cleaning up spills. Perfect for applying wax or polish and even works great while color sanding too. Color: White Size: 3H x 5W

NOW Just $2.49 ea

4 Pak Just $8.95 ea

Prep Pen
Adjustable Sanding Pen

Save time and money by replacing folded sandpaper with PrepPen. Scuff, sand, degloss, clean. Faster, easier and saves money. Because it uses hundreds of long fiberglass strands to abrade it won't scratch glass or chrome. Reaches where sandpaper can't. Also great for removing rust from paint chips or tight spots. Also cleans electrical connectors too. Comes with extra long-lasting refill cartridge inside the adjustable handle.

This Is One VERY Handy Item To Keep On Hand!
Prep Pen Each $10.95

"The Original Auto Body Mixing Palette"

Use to mix body filler, fiberglass, plastics, gel, spot putty, epoxy glue, touch-up and pinstriping paints and more. Prevents costly reworks! Stop wasting valuable time looking for cardboard or trying to clean up mixing boards. Clean sheets pays for itself the first few times you use it. 12"x12" or the NEW larger 12"x18" palette with 100 sheets that are non-absorbing and bonded on three sides. Super easy to hold with handy finger guides. Comes with free spreader. Even works great palette your brush or sketch out your next project! You'll wonder why you never tried these sooner!

12x12" Was $14.95
Now Only $12.95 

Larger 12x16" Was $21.95
Now Only $19.95 

Our Hottest Product!

Roll Mask

Designed for ease of use,  this thin, semi-transparent adhesive backed material is used instead of masking tape for stopping overspray. Sticks well, cuts easy and releases quickly without leaving residue. Cover large open or small detail areas very quickly. Works fast and costs much less than masking tape which saves you both time and money! If you've seen the videos this is what most of the Kustom painters use on top of their fine line tape. Once you try it you'll see why this is fast becoming the Kustom Painter's best friend.!


This is definitely a MUST HAVE item!
Now in 6" and NEW 12" Size!

Roll Mask

6" Wide
(300 ft. Long)
Was $35.95
Now $29.95

12" Wide
(300 ft. Long)
Was $49.95
Now $42.95




These brand new, pristine, aluminum blanks are powdercoated on both sides. They make the perfect platform for testing out your new ideas, airbrush graphics and pinstriping handy work. Easy to handle, these tough blanks are an impressive .040" thick! These make fantastic wall art when finished so you can show off your new ideas to both customers and friends. Available in different sizes and colors in our handy 5 paks.


Newest Two Tone Colors!
One Side Black    The Other White

12"x16" Super 5 Pak
WAS $44.95

$ave Now Only $34.95


Pounce Pad Kit

Pad comes with it's own handy carrying case/cover. Also included in the kit is a big 16 oz supply bag of either dark gray or white or our newest blue or red colored caulk for refills and extra long life.

PRICE DROP! Was $29.95  Now $19.95

Just $19.95


Dark Grey
Just $19.95


Just $19.95


 Pounce Wheel Set

Use these along with the Pounce Pad to make perfectly matched templates for both sides of your flames, artwork, etc. This set includes four different sizes to meet your needs. Each tool can either swivel for curves or lock in place for straight lines. Very easy to use. Comes with case.

Set of All Four
Was $29.95

 Just $19.95

The Incredible Pounce Kit

Our Pounce Kit is unique to the industry and has all the items you'll need to Pounce Like The Pros!
Our Pounce Kit includes your new pounce pad and choice of either
Bright White
or Dark Gray or OUR NEWEST BLUE  powder

Click on Either Picture to Enlarge

Also included are a set of 4 super high quality Pounce Wheels to use along with your Pounce Pad. Ideal to transfer images or make perfectly matched templates for both sides of  flames, artwork, panels, etc. The set includes four different sizes to meet all your needs. Each tool can either swivel for curves or lock in place for straight lines. Very easy to use.

for Every Artist and Painter's Toolbox!

Bright White Pounce Kit
Was $59.90
Now Only $39.95

You'll Save $$$


Dark Grey Pounce Kit
Was $59.90
Now Only $39.95

You'll Save $$$


NEW Blue Pounce Kit
Was $59.90
Now Only $39.95

You'll Save $$$


Wipe Out Tool

This handy new tool will allow you to fix minor mistakes and flaws without pulling your own hair out! Designed for cutting off and trimming back tails that are a bit too long, lines that are a shade too far out or in and will even fix that occasional rampant loose brush hair. These are made by Mack so the quality speaks for itself and are sure to last you for years to come.

This is an absolute must have addition
for ANY Pinhead Toolbox!

Only $6.95


Get The Right
Tack Cloth
for The Job!

These are exactly what we use in our shop. Available in extra large, extra tacky thats ideal for primers and solids and new Non-Woven low tack for basecoats and especially  clearcoats.

XLarge For
Primer & Solids
 Was $2.63
Now Only $1.95
For Clearcoats
Was $2.05
Now Only $1.29
Combo Kit 1ea
Was $4.68
Now Only $2.95




NEW! 50 Each
Dual Pak

Get The Best
These are top of the line and are lint free. There are two types available. The FINE strain down to 190 microns and are designed for today's newer, finer metallic basecoats and especially clearcoats. The MEDIUM strain to 225 microns and are best for all types of primers, heavy metallics, etc.
50 Pak Medium
 Only $ 5.95
50 Pak Fine
 Only $ 6.95
NEW! Both Sizes
50ea Dual Pak
 Only $ 12.95



Nitrile Gloves

These Are Just GREAT!!!!


Chemical and solvent resistant
  NO natural rubber latex proteins
  Textured grip
  100 disposable gloves per box
  Maximum puncture-resistance
  Excellent for Automotive repair and refinishing

Box of 100 
(fits all)
WAS $12.95


Here's a dandy new product we just started carrying that will $ave your paint!!!  It's an aerosol that replaces the nitrogen gas blanket that is shipped from the factory on all urethane catalysts and resins. The very first time you open your paint you loose this protective blanket. Nitrogen is an inert gas that displaces air. It will stop air from reaching and hardening your expensive paint and catalysts thereby extending shelf life almost indefinitely! And the best part is its only $7.95 a can. Since it only takes about a 1-2 second shot to protect a gallon of paint it goes a very long ways.

We use it daily here in our shop and love it!



Just $10.95


Just $29.95

for 3 Cans

Maximum Clean Up!
Mack Air Brush and Spray Gun
Cleaning Kits


You will be amazed at how easy it is to keep your airbrush and spray guns clean with these state of the art cleaning tools. They come with a WIDE ARRAY of micro, mini, small, medium and large orifice brushes and specialized tip cleaners, double ended dental pic, scrub brushes along with a high power wash  bottle. Heck they even include special gun lubricant that won't contaminate your work!

They've thought of everything in one handy setup. Each kit is sized perfectly for either airbrush or spray gun cleaning. Now you'll easily keep your guns in perfect condition so they can provide you with years of trouble free operation. You've spent a lot on your equipment... why not take care of it so it can take care of you?

 Was $37.95
Now Only $32.95

Spray Gun
 Was $39.95
Now Only $34.95

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